Dr. Stanley as Dad: A Father’s Day Reflection on Pastor’s Kids, Prayer, and Parenting

Becky Stanley Brodersen, daughter of Pastor Charles Stanley, reflects on growing up as a pastor’s kid, lessons from her dad’s example, and his role as a grandfather to her children.Dr. Charles Stanley is considered by many to be one of the most influential pastors and Bible teachers in America today. The senior pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta since 1971 and founder of In Touch Ministries in 1977, Stanley’s global ministry continues to grow in scope and impact across the U.S. and aroun … [Read more...]

A Father’s Legacy, A Son’s Autism, and the Power of Redemption: A Conversation with Emily Colson

Most people remember the late Chuck Colson as the White House “hatchet man” and convicted Watergate felon turned Evangelical Christian leader and and founder of Prison Fellowship and the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview.  Colson passed away on April 21 at the age of 80 after complications resulting from a brain hemorrhage, and I had the honor of attending his Memorial Service at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. on May 16.  Though the service was a somber occasion, it was also … [Read more...]

Shared Mission, Eternal Purpose: Lessons from the Perfect Father-Son Relationship

Last week on The Salt Shaker, we featured a four-part series on four young men whose prominent dads have started highly successful organizations, and the sons are now working with their dads to carry on those efforts.  Each of these guys shared unique insights on the challenges and rewards of working with their dads, and also included some fun anecdotes from growing up:Life With Father: A Conversation With Nathan ZachariasFrom Resistance to Respect: A Conversation With Jonathan Youssef … [Read more...]

Dynamic Duo: A Conversation With Jordan Sekulow

For Jordan Sekulow, the fight to ensure freedom and liberty in the U.S. and around the world has been a central part of his life from a very early age.  The son of Jay Sekulow, Jordan, 29, now serves as Executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a leading international public interest law firm founded in 1990 and led by his father.“My work with my dad has developed naturally over the years,” says Jordan.  “On radio, I started co-hosting with him, and then filling in … [Read more...]

From Resistance to Respect: A Conversation With Jonathan Youssef

When listening to Jonathan Youssef preach a passionate sermon at Church of the Apostles or hearing him share energized ministry updates on the radio from around the world, one assumes he has always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.  The son of influential pastor and author Dr. Michael Youssef, Jonathan, 28, now plays an increasingly significant role in his father’s pastoral ministry at the evangelical Anglican megachurch in Atlanta, and serves as International Director for Leading The W … [Read more...]

Life With Father: A Conversation With Nathan Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias is considered by many to be one of the greatest Christian apologists of our time.  The founder of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Zacharias has authored numerous best-selling books, hosts radio programs, and teaches apologetics and evangelism at Oxford University.  Even those who vehemently disagree with Zacharias are quick to acknowledge his superb intellectual abilities, and the excellence with which he pursues his unique calling as a “classical evangelist in the arena o … [Read more...]