You, Sir, Are No Buckley: A Reply to Stephen Herreid

Stephen Herreid has written a reply to two critics of his post, "How to Fend Off Freeloaders," a personal and petty attack on Artur Rosman. The two critics he mentions are J. Arthur Bloom (based on private correspondence) and myself (based on my reply). For some reason Herreid did not reply to Rosman, who wrote a graceful reply of his own. Since then Bloom has posted a reply and Justin Tse has posted as well, at Rosman's blog, Cosmos the in Lost. Herreid did me the favour of writing a follow-up s … [Read more...]

Process, Preparation, and the Catholic Rigor of Art

In anticipation of the release of my new album, Late to Love, here is a very interesting conversation about art between two Catholics, Conan O'Brien and Jack White.*I would never presume to say that Catholics have some special ability to make art, but I will claim that Catholic art has something to it that is distinctly and darkly beautiful. I am one of the least rock-and-roll guitarists out there, but I've recently become very interested in Jack White's work.I must admit that I did not … [Read more...]

Wounded or Wrangling, Broken or Bickering?

(As with anything that is mostly true, committing it to language will require overstatements and provisos will be omitted for the sake of the whole. Most of all, it will require patience and the assurance I am aware of the glaring irony and even hypocrisy of the points I will try to make.)*There are two categories of blogging and social media sharing. There are the wounded and broken notes, that share (and often overshare) about death and financial ruin, sentimental memes of affection and de … [Read more...]

Are Mainline Protestants Christian? — A guest post by Stephen H. Webb

This post is a part of the interfaith blog roundtable on at Patheos, hosted by Chris Henrichsen, on the question, “Are Mormons Christian?”That, to me, is a better question than asking if Mormons are Christian. By better I mean better in every way. Asking if Mormons are Christians feeds into old prejudices and stereotypes. It does little to shed light on Mormon theology, and it puts individual Mormons on the defensive. It is also a supremely uninteresting question, sort of like asking if the Pop … [Read more...]

Are Mormons Christian? We’ll see.

This post is a part of the interfaith blog roundtable on at Patheos, hosted by Chris Henrichsen, on the question, "Are Mormons Christian?"I am not so sure that, if what we mean by 'Christian' is the dual belief in Christological and Trinitarian mysteries, that it is meaningful for a Mormon to call herself a Christian.I am not a Muslim, if what we mean by 'Muslim' is the belief that Muhammad is the prophet of God --- Allah, in arabic. I do belief in Allah, however, as do Mormons and Jews, but … [Read more...]