The Art of Blogging No. 5: An Interview with Leah Libresco

Leah Libresco is one of the few Patheos bloggers who has blogged at two channels. Her blog, Unequally Yoked, began with the Atheist Channel in 2010 and found its way to the Catholic Channel---as she joined the Roman Catholic Church---in 2012. Her interview was swift and direct, with almost no editing required for her part. Employed as a statistician in Washington DC, Libresco writes on topics that vary from ethics and stoicism to books and debate. She shows a remarkable, soul-searching ability to … [Read more...]

The Art of Blogging No. 4: An Interview with Calah Alexander

 Calah Alexander was born and raised in Bedford, TX; she blogs at Barefoot and Pregnant. Her style of blogging is subtle: At first glance, she appears to be a mommy blogger, and would be the first to agree with this classification. But in her posts, and this interview process, she reveals a confessional motivation that is driven by a sharp, critical, and searching mind accompanied by a full and generous heart. Her story of life and faith are tightly woven together, and appear here in some … [Read more...]

The Art of Blogging No. 3: An Interview with Will Duquette

     Will Duquette is a lifelong Southern Californian and a veteran user of web logs and --- as odd as it may seem to say this --- the internet. Writing online since 1996, he brings a refreshingly ordinary disposition to a wide palate of literary, religious, and intellectual interests at the following blogs: The View from the Foothills, book reviews on Happy Catholic Bookshelf at Patheos, and monthly posts at CatholicMom.      Mr. Duquette's interview flowed smoothly and easily, perhaps too easy, … [Read more...]

The Art of Blogging No. 2: An Interview with Katrina Fernandez

Katrina Fernandez was raised by hippies in Northern Virginia. A self-professed snob, abhorrent of hippies, she writes the delightfully anti-Puritanical web log, The Crescat, on the Patheos Catholic Channel. Ms. Fernandez displays a pointed point of view, delivered in expressive and colorful posts that provoke and, oftentimes, astonish. She is the Liberace of the Catholic blogosphere. While certainly shocking, Ms. Fernandez is not a shock jock. But she is a jock: she played rugby for seven years a … [Read more...]

The Art of Blogging No. 1: An Interview with Max Lindenman

Max Lindenman was born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, and grew up in Manhattan. He's spent significant time in China and Russia, as a teacher and student, respectively, and presently resides in Arizona. He is the author of the Patheos web log, "Diary of a Wimpy Catholic," on the Catholic Channel. This interview took place on Facebook, over three sessions of online chatting that included a fourth, brief exchange where he almost gave up on the whole thing. A shy, insecure, and oddly wimpy (he is a h … [Read more...]