Artwork for my Primer

A draft of some of the artwork — drawn by my prodigy of a little sister — for my forthcoming book, A Primer for Philosophy and Education. … [Read more...]

Sep 19, 2012 2:02am

Rocinante (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]

Sep 17, 2012 6:37pm

A screed against doctors and medicine from Rousseau’s Emile, the text for class today. (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]

Sep 8, 2012 4:30pm

Shooting a white buffalo. (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]

Sep 7, 2012 10:24pm

Home office in progress. (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]

Sep 2, 2012 6:13pm

My good friend, Eduardo Duarte, graciously and gratuitously sent me a copy of his new book, pictured above. I’ve been reading it all weekend and I’ve found it deeply inspirational. He’s also the radio show host for tonight’s show. Don’t be fooled: Professor Iguana (founder of the “Dead Zone”) is a serious, deep cat. The show airs this evening around 6:30 pm ET. You can listen to it online streaming from WRHU, Hofstra university. … [Read more...]

Aug 25, 2012 1:10am

A day at the fair. (To enlarge photos, click each one individually or see them as a slideshow.) … [Read more...]

Aug 24, 2012 7:21pm

Greetings from the Minnesota State Fair! Tomas and I went through the “Luminarium,” where I took this picture. It evokes Don Quixote to me. (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]

Aug 21, 2012 10:43pm

Funny, reoccuring story: I went to get my ID card today and they gave me a student ID instead of a faculty one. They didn’t let me keep the student card, but here’s the evidence. (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]

Aug 12, 2012 2:04am

Hello, from Loomes. (Next up: a three day tour of North Dakota.) (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]