Late to Love

L2LFrom Wiseblood Records:

Late to Love is an original concept album that performs a reading of Augustine’sConfessions through soul music. It is not a generic ode to a saint or holy person, nor it is a neutral and uncontroversial celebration of an important ancient book. From beginning to end Rocha offers a bold and fresh reading of Augustine’s Confessions where the form is the content, where melody and verse take the place of assertions and argument.”

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Freedom For Love

Freedom for Love is my debut EP. It was completed in one day (July 21, 2010) and the project is, among other things, a powerful description and record of that intimate day of art. The songs traverse a narrative of love songs, ending with a jazz improvisation. The title asserts that freedom without love is bankrupt, freedom must be for love. The EP features myself on guitar and vocals; tenor saxophone by the acclaimed jazzman, Eddie Bayard; percussion and baritone saxophone by Walter Gershon; engineered by Dan Bozek, who also played bass on the title track. CD’s and digital downloads are available on iTunesCD Baby, and Amazon.