Samuel D. Rocha, A Primer for Philosophy and Education (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2014).

A Primer for Philosophy & Education (OUT OF PRINT)





Poems by Sam and Sam



by Sam Rocha and Samuel Bennett

Copyright: 2012

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Twenty-one poems in three parts. Ice cubes, ladybugs, guitars and gin, fortune, dancing revolutions, smoking eyes and Santa Claus – transcribed from paper plates, composed in a single, descriptive evening. A testament to miseducation, music, and the suicidal dangers of the Machine.


Things and Stuff

by Samuel D. Rocha

Copyright: 2011

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


A collection of original essays, stories, and musings ranging from religion and politics to art and the everyday, “Things and Stuff” is the first volume of the ongoing, improvisational writings of Sam Rocha. Together, the variety of topics and literary styles reveal a colorful tapestry of life and thought informed by Catholicism, philosophy, fatherhood, attention to the ordinary, and more.