Weekend Links!

Here are some of my favorite things from the past week! Enjoy!

What Christians can do to help survivors” by Somatic Strength: SUCH an important message. All Christians, please read this.

What Planned Parenthood actually does, in one chart” by Ezra Klein: In light of the recent Komen Foundation controversy, I think it’s important that we recognize that Planned Parenthood is not an evil baby killing machine. In fact, it probably prevents more abortions and saves more lives than it actually performs.

“Obama: Jesus would tax the rich” by Jennifer Epstein: Though I have a bit of a problem with people saying definitively what Jesus would do, I was a bit excited to see our president defending his actions with his faith. I was excited to see him challenge the monopoly that the Right acts like it has on Jesus.

“We’re All Stories” by Alise Wright: Alise Wright talks about how stories make us human and she uses Dr. Who to do so. It’s an all-around win.

Then, of course, there was the whole John Piper controversy. When I first heard about it, I was extremely discouraged. I felt overwhelmed with the amount of sexism I’ve noticed in mainstream Christianity. Then, Rachel Held Evans issued a call for men to respond to this controversy, and I was so inspired by the overwhelming positive responses.

Here are a few of my favorites:

“God the father…and mother?” by Travis Mamone 

“John Piper’s ‘Masculine Christianity'” by D.C. Cramer (This one’s great but I had to read it twice. At first, I was all, “Wha…?” and then I was all, “I see what you did there.”)

“Masculine Christianity is a privilege of of the English speaking” by Bram Cools

“The Radical Femininity of Christ” by Paul from Disoriented. Reoriented. “…women aren’t the problem. Rather, the church has a history problem.”

Thanks to all the men who participated in this! You are so appreciated. 🙂

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  • Thank you so much for that radical femininity post — first time since I read Piper’s comments that I didn’t have that sick-with-dread, spiritually doomed feeling in the pit of my stomach. :/

    • Yeah, all of the posts by the men of the blogging world this week cheered me up so much. A bunch of great ones linked up to RHE’s site. Very thankful for men like that!

  • Thanks for linking my post!

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for writing it!

  • brambonius

    Thanks for linking my post, and the other ones!!

  • Ditto what Travis and Brambonius said. And thanks also for the laugh about your first and second reading of my post. Those were the kind of reactions I was hoping for!

  • Thanks for the link! Glad I could contribute in some small, nerdy way to this conversation.