How To Be Pro-Life Without Being Violent: Whose Bodies? Whose Choices?

This post is part of a series on how pro-life and pro-choice people can find common ground to work for holistic reproductive justice. The introduction to this series can be found at this link. In light of the recent arrest of Purvi Patel, a woman who is currently facing 20 years in prison because she had a miscarriage, I need to start this post by being VERY CLEAR that this series is not an excuse for violent pro-life ideologies.Many pro-life people claim that they are not forcing people … [Read more...]

How To Be Pro-Life Without Being Violent: Holistic Reproductive Justice

I recently wrote a piece about "Pro-Life Pacifism" as a form of violence. My main argument was that Pro-Life Pacifists cannot claim to be anti-violent while also forcing or coercing people into pregnancy and childbirth. Contributing to someone having to give birth against their will is a form of horrific violence.Though I stand by that piece, I do want to be clear that I believe there are ways to be pro-life without also supporting violence against pregnant people. It's a fine line to walk, b … [Read more...]

The Inherent Violence Of “Pro-Life Pacifism”

[Content Notes: Abortion. Graphic Discussion of Pregnancy/Childbirth Risks. Brief Discussion of Rape] Today I want to talk about everyone's favorite topic: ABORTION! YAY!Actually, I want want to talk about a very specific subgroup of pro-lifers: Pro-Life Pacifists. I should start by explaining who these Pro-Life Pacifists are. Pro-life pacifists are usually liberal/left-leaning Christians who claim to be pro-life "across the board." They not only oppose abortion, but also war, the d … [Read more...]

Is the Bible the Word of God? Or is Jesus? Or….

I'm not sure where the phrase "The Bible is not the Word of God; Jesus is" originated. The first time I heard the phrase, though, (on Rachel Held Evan's blog) it was just short of life-changing. It became my go-to answer to those who used the Bible as a weapon to hurt me or others.I say this show that I see how the phrase can be extremely liberating to those who are used to being oppressed by harmful Biblical messages.I wanted to affirm that before I start deconstructing this … [Read more...]

Reconciling God and Evolution, Part 1: The World Between The Covers Of A Book

More and more millennials are accepting evolution as true, and society's attitude toward evolution is, well, evolving. Even many evangelical Christians are embracing the reality of evolution, and joining the ranks of Christians who have found a way to reconcile science and their faith.But there is still pushback, and not only from within evangelical Christianity. One example is a recent article by Greta Christina (who is an atheist) entitled, "Why You Can't Reconcile God and Evolution."I … [Read more...]

The Creation Museum on Race

Content Note for discussion of racism, and images depicting slavery and genocide As you may know, I recently took a trip with my spouse to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. I've already documented my experience in blog form, and have written about some of the "subtle" sexist and hetero and cisnormative agendas behind the place. I'd also like to talk briefly about the...interesting...way the Creation Museum handles the topic of race. As a white person, I want to trend carefully on this topic. I … [Read more...]

“Damaged Goods” Has Something For Everyone

Full disclosure: Dianna Anderson is a close friend of mine, and has been since before she started writing Damaged Goods. She did not ask me to write this review, but I fully believe her book is an important one. I will try to be as honest as I can in this review, but of course I have some friendship bias. :) ------- Let me start by saying that I think Damaged Goods has something for everyone: for the atheist feminist wanting to know more about purity culture, for the "Jesus Feminist" tryi … [Read more...]

Dragons Are Real! Therefore Women Must Submit!: The Creation Museum’s Hidden Agendas

I recently took a trip to the Creation Museum. That's right. If you haven't heard, there's an entire museum in Kentucky dedicated to teaching people that evolution is wrong, and the earth (and all of the life on it) was created by God in six literal days, less than 10,000 years ago. If you want to know what kind of messages the museum is pushing, check out my recent post, 16 Things That Happened When I Went To The Creation Museum.I have to admit that sometimes I wonder whether or not it's … [Read more...]

16 Things That Happened When I Went to The Creation Museum

Back in December, my partner Abe and I went on a mini-vacation to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. We were able to do so because of the kindness of some friends (who let us spend the night at their apartment), and some generous donors who helped me raise the money for the tickets and gas. Special thanks to: Joe and Christy, our friends who let us sleep on their air mattress Anonymous (donor) Teresa Kingsbury (donor) Abe (for accompanying me even though I know he didn't want to) Without further … [Read more...]

Blogging is Dead (But We’re a Resurrection People, Right?)

It's been a while since I hit publish on a blog post. I've heard that blogging is dead, but that's not why I've been avoiding logging in to Wordpress lately. After all, I'm a Christian and we're supposed to be a Resurrection People, right? I mean, at the very least, I enjoy a good zombie film.Anyway, regardless of whether or not blogging is, in fact, dead, I plan on jumping back into the blogging world this week. I have some exciting projects planned that I hope you will stick around for (if … [Read more...]