Telling My Own Story: A Perspective from a Kinky Christian (A Guest Post)

I was pretty upset by a recent post by Jesus Feminist author, Sarah Bessey, in which she conflated BDSM and abuse, shaming those who participated, and excluding them from her brand of "Jesus following." I found it inaccurate, dishonest, and harmful. So, today, I am glad to host a guest post by an anonymous kinky Christian, responding to Bessey. Please be respectful in the comments.  [Content Note: Self-Injury] ------Introductions: I'm 25, cis female, bisexual, white. Raised in a mo … [Read more...]

“Bush Vs. Beard Contest:” Misogyny in Jesus Feminist Men

I'm glad that mainstream Evangelical Christianity is starting to talk about feminism and women's rights. I really am. I smile whenever I go into Barnes and Noble and see Jesus Feminism or A Year Of Biblical Womanhood on the same shelf as works by Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris. It gives me some hope for humanity.But progressive evangelicals/post-evangelicals need to stop pretending that, just because we read Rachel Held Evan's blog everyday, or held up a sign that said, "....and I am a Jesu … [Read more...]