By his stripes

Christ was pierced for my transgressions.  He was bruised for my sin...By his stripes I AM healed.How often I forget those words- those beautiful truths that I have had memorized since my AWANA Sparks days! It is time to remember:Christ's wounds cover my sin of lust. Satan comes to heaven with stones in his hand saying, "This woman commits adultery in her heart everyday. She would rather entertain these self-indulgent thoughts than wait on your perfect plan for sex. Someone must die for … [Read more...]

Love, in a word.

Today I was asked to define the word "love" in less than 25 words- to limit the definition of the single world’s greatest source of power, hope, and joy to just over two dozen words. I thought to myself, “Can such a thing be done? How does one even define love?  In slightly more than 25 words, I can attempt to describe the concept, but, define? Do I dare try to do such a definition justice?”I can describe how it looks - the sparkle in the eyes of every newlywed, the 90 year old couple at church … [Read more...]