Wilson’s “Writers to Read” is a pretty solid guide

Review of Writers to Read by Douglas WilsonDouglas Wilson’s latest book has the one most important attribute for a book of its nature: it’s short. With great writers out there like the nine he lists, it’s hardly worth your time to read about them when you could be, you know, actually reading G.K. Chesterton, H.L. Mencken, P.G. Wodehouse, T.S. Eliot, J.R.R. Tolkin, C.S. Lewis,  R.F. Capon, Marilyn Robinson, or N.D. Wilson. That’s where the real experience and joy comes from – who needs critics … [Read more...]

Writers to Read: A Short Demonstration of Christian Engagement with Culture

Review of Writers to Read by Douglas WilsonDouglas Wilson is, for the time being, for better or worse, one of the Reformed world’s leading public intellectuals. Arguably christened or “welcomed” to this stature by John Piper when he was invited to speak at the Desiring God conference in 2009, Wilson has gone on to become known as an edgy apologist (Collision), classical educator (Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning), and questionable historian (Southern Slavery, As It Was). Beyond this, how … [Read more...]

Why would you want to raise a reader?

Review of How to Raise a Reader by Elaine McEwanAs someone who teaches at the college level, I'm not sure whether the number one academic problem with college students today is illiteracy, laziness, or both. It may even be that the two are really different sides of the same coin—I just don't know enough about what goes on in primary and secondary education to be able to say for sure. What I do know is that far too many college freshmen are functionally illiterate (not, thankfully, either a m … [Read more...]


Review of Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony ReinkeBy ALEXIS NEALFact: I love to read.  I like books.  I even like books about books.  So when I heard that there was a new book on the market, a Christian book about books and reading, I was pretty stoked.  And when, upon further inquiry, I learned that the author, Tony Reinke, had worked as a research assistant for C.J. Mahaney (of Sovereign Grace) and now works for Desiring God (John Piper’s ministry), my little Refor … [Read more...]