Blade Runner’s Vision of Hell

Blade Runner: The Final Cut, directed by Ridley ScottWhat is hell like? The Bible gives us images of unquenchable fire and a smoke that goes up forever. But C.S. Lewis opted for a different metaphor in The Great Divorce: a drab town where it is always dark and mostly empty. Hell, in Lewis’ depiction, is a failed city: a place of crowded loneliness and frustrated aspirations.I thought of Lewis’ hell as I rewatched Ridley Scott’s 1981 dystopian masterpiece, Blade Runner. The film takes plac … [Read more...]

The Godfather’s Justice

The Godfather, directed by Francis Ford Coppola“For justice, we must go to Don Corleone.”The appeal of Vito Corleone is his love of family, his passion for justice, his hard work and up-by-your-bootstraps ethic, and his dislike of unnecessary murder. The Godfather is a kindly uncle, a benevolent papa who showers his closest family with his protection, with gifts, and with the wit and charm of his presence. We love Vito because we want to believe he is, at heart, just a lovable big daddy.We … [Read more...]

Dom Hemingway – the myth, the legend, and so on and so forth

Review of Dom Hemingway, Directed by Richard ShepardIn Richard Shepard’s latest film, Dom Hemingway, Jude Law plays the title character, a middle-aged, cockney-accented, safecracking bro with a crass but impressive knack for rhetoric who just spent 12 years in prison. He lives life only from the highest mountaintop or lowest valley – big, bold, and to the fullest. He spares no words. His fingers are magic. Supremely confident. Bombastic. Always boozing. Lover of women, drugs, and money. The w … [Read more...]