Magic in the Moonlight: Is Magic Real?

Review of Magic in the Moonlight, Directed by Woody AllenWoody Allen’s latest film Magic in the Moonlight comes right on the heels of Blue Jasmine, and is of much-lighter fare. The romantic comedy features a world-renowned magician determined to unmask a psychic who is swindling a rich widow of her money and bagging her son in the process. The witty lines, charming characters, and quirky plot make the film a surprising delight, while asking significant questions about the spiritual world.The … [Read more...]

Words and Pictures: Let the battle of the arts begin!

Words and Pictures, directed by Fred SchepisiThe flirting begins with a word game, where players go through alternating letters of the alphabet and have to think of five-plus syllable words that start with each letter. He, a top-notch prep school English teacher, has the obvious advantage, but she is a stubborn New Yorker, and their back-and-forth of long words like “anti-egalitarianism” punctuates the dialogue as their relationship builds.If you find that scenario at all adorable or app … [Read more...]

A Vertiginous Horror

Review of Vertigo, Directed by Alfred HitchcockAlfred Hitchcock made famous movies, lots of them. Four of his films are on the American Film Institute’s list of greatest movies of all time; five on BFI’s list, six on Roger Ebert’s, and nine on’s. Volumes have been written about the man and his movies, and a movie has been made about the man making his movies. His stuff has become so iconic that it has entered into the cultural atmosphere. Even if you have never seen it, you know the … [Read more...]

The Disappointment of Winter’s Tale

Winter's Tale, directed by Akiva GoldsmanBy Elizabeth WhyteWhenever any movie studio announces they are going to adapt a 700-page novel for the silver screen, every good book lover groans. And when the 700-page novel is on a book lover’s list of favorites, that book lover sheds a little tear, then hopes against all odds that the movie studio will somehow do literature justice.With Winter’s Tale, my hopes suffered a violent, messy death.Hear me out. I am not one of those bibl … [Read more...]

Her Not Here

Review of Her, Directed by Spike JonzeBy ABE TIMLERHer, the latest of Spike Jonze’s highly unconventional films, retains the quirky, independent personality and the relentless preoccupation with psychological discovery that marked his much celebrated Being John Malkovich (1999), Adaptation (2002), and Where the Wild Things Are (2009). Equally owned by Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as Theodore Twombly, this two-hour examination of romance (albeit one lacking the necessary reciprocating oth … [Read more...]