Adult coloring books might have a place, but they’re also kind of stupid. Read more

A few nerdy/theological thoughts on Justice League. Read more

A wonderful biography of George Beverly Shea. Read more

I’m not much for this kind of book, but that doesn’t automatically make it a bad one. I know lots of people who don’t enjoy the kinds of books I like, and that’s fine. To each their own according to taste. No, it’s the substance that makes this book not worth your time. Read more

Erskine on Justification as the source of true Thanksgiving Read more

An excellent young adult book that reflects the popular (and wrong) view of faith. Read more

Cicero on reason, emotion, and how to properly orient human nature. Read more

Brief thoughts on a classic coming-of-age young adult novel. Read more

My thoughts on the latest Christian guide to dating by Deepak Reju. Read more

In a world where cinemas have mostly converted from celluloid to digital projectors and digital cinema packages (DCPs) as the source material for the movies you see at the theater, some filmmakers are determined to preserve the celluloid filmstrips of yore. Read more

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