A Classic Writer on Disciplining Children

A Dutch pastor on how to discipline children with love, wisdom, and justice. Read more

Reflections on Mice

Redwall is a great book that we should all read. Read more

Two more reasons to read Stephen King

Why you should be reading Stephen King, and where you ought to start… Read more

A Man For Other Seasons

Kierkegaard is not the theologian we need right now… Read more

The Reformation for Dummies

A Reference for the Rest of Us… Read more

The Top 20 Films of 2016

It was a highly rewarding year at the movies. Read more

Coyle’s Best of 2016

Or “what you should be reading in 2017″… Read more

Passion Projects Light Up Middleburg Film Festival

A festival that satisfies both critics and casual moviegoers in a setting that’s equal to the beauty on screen. Read more

Does the Reformation still matter today?

A Monk and a Mallet in the Modern World Read more

Cameraperson Points Its Lens at Both Death and Life

Non-narrative filmmaking that makes a deeply human connection. Read more

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