The Spirit of Not-So-Early Christian Thought

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Whatever happened to the Evangelical church?

Why the 20th century sucks. [Read more...]

Blanchett Wondrous in Woody’s Humdrum Blue Jasmine

The movie leaves us thinking about the broken-down, “babbling” Jasmine—and not much else. For some that will be enough, but others will long for a film full of fleshed out characters rather than a showcase highlighting one performance. [Read more...]

Edwards on Freedom

“Does Free Will Really Exist?” [Read more...]

Ruby Sparks and True Freedom

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The Wolverine and the Curse of Immortality

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The Gospel through Pagan Eyes

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The Woman in White and the Sassy Single Sister

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Glittery Vampires in Love

How much does Twilight suck?
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When Mocking Jews Was Cool

Political correctness and anti-Semitism in the Best Picture of 1947. [Read more...]

Snow White Showing Her Age

Does the Disney classic still hold up today? [Read more...]

Pacific Rim: There be Monsters (and Robots)

A movie about large robots punching large monsters that manages to be deeper and better than Transformers vs. Godzilla. [Read more...]

Into the Wild: Losing Yourself in the Great Outdoors

Christopher McCandless starved to death in the Alaskan wilderness searching for meaning. Was he a saint or a lost soul? [Read more...]

Searching for Sugar Man: Vindication is Sweet

Vindication for the obscure. [Read more...]