A Review of Lincoln, Directed by Steven SpielbergBy PAUL D. MILLERThere is a scene near the end of Steven Spielberg’s luminescent new film Lincoln in which the President paces the White House alone waiting for news of the House of Representatives’ vote on the 13 Amendment, which will abolish slavery once and for all.  It is the moment that will solidify his legacy and ensure the Civil War was fought for something worthwhile.  Bells begin ringing across the city in celebration, heralding t … [Read more...]

What Lincoln Can Teach the Tea Party

Review of The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery by Eric FonerBy PAUL D. MILLERAbraham Lincoln was a racist who believed Africans were intellectually inferior to whites and should not have equal political rights with their racial superiors. He opposed immediate abolition and favored only gradual emancipation, coupled with compensation for slave owners deprived of their property, and followed by the deportation of ex-slaves back to Africa, or colonized in South America. His … [Read more...]