Gravity Soars

Review of Gravity, Directed by Alfonso CuaronWhat makes any work of art good? Years ago I had the opportunity to tour Europe. After weeks of walking through the Louvre, the British Museum, the Vatican, the Pergamon, the Acropolis, Topkapi Palace, the Gallery of the Academy of Florence, and more, I noticed something about virtually all art before the 19th century. Whether it was a painting, a sculpture, a frieze, or a building, it was about something: religion, war, victory, death, the … [Read more...]

Gravity: Traversing the Glorious Terror of the Cosmos

Review of Gravity, Directed by Alfonso CuarónBy ANDREW COLLINSDirector Alfonso Cuarón’s IMDB biography says that he has always wanted to be two things: a director and an astronaut. If so, it makes a lot of sense why he made Gravity, the survival story of astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and medial engineer Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) after their mission to upgrade a satellite telescope goes horribly awry.The story that follows is simple: Astronauts try to get back to eart … [Read more...]