Review of Wrath of the Titans

Review of Wrath of the Titans, Directed by Jonathan LiebesmanBy ALEXIS NEALDemigod Perseus wants nothing more than to raise his young son in the idyllic quiet of his simple fishing village--just as he promised his late wife Io.  An unexpected visit from his father Zeus reveals that the increased lack of belief among mortals has severely weakened the gods, and that the Titan Kronos (father of the gods) is on the verge of breaking out of Tartarus, the prison of the underworld where he's been … [Read more...]

The Aeneid

Review of the Aeneid by VirgilBy PAUL D. MILLERReading Homer feels like spending time with a rustic, patched-together story. Homer matches odds and ends of an oral tradition that weaves various memories into a grand story about the olden times of courage and sacrifice. Virgil, by contrast, is a dictator’s propagandist. The Aeneid is much more coherent and smooth than the Iliad or Odyssey, but it is also told for a very different reason. Homer pointed back to heroes and their flaws to show f … [Read more...]