Southpaw shows us the virtues of floating like a butterfly

Review of Southpaw, Directed by Antoine FuquaJake Gyllenhaal isn’t the first actor I would cast in the starring role of a film about a boxer, but his acting chops are on full display as he bulks up and grinds it out as boxing champ Billy Hope in Southpaw, the latest offering from director Antoine Fuqua.His opponent is the upstart boxer Miguel Escobar (Miguel Gomez), a true antichrist of a foe from which the film’s inciting incident stems. At the beginning of the story, Billy has com … [Read more...]

Die Hard in the White House

Review of Olympus Has Fallen, Directed by Antoine FuquaFortunately, the title of this review pretty much provides the summary of the movie [spoiler alerts from here on]. "Terrorists" have taken over the White House and are making insane demands while working on their own secret agenda. The entire government apparatus repeatedly fails to take control of the situation (despite being much more competent than the counterpart "FBI guys" of Die Hard). The only hope of the hostages—including the P … [Read more...]