G.I. Joe Appeals to the Inner Child — and Not Much Else

Review of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Directed by Jon ChuCobra Commander has escaped from a high security prison, the evil Zartan is impersonating the President, and all but four of the G.I. Joes have been killed. It seems that nothing stands between Cobra Commander and his plan of absolute world domination. Will the remaining Joes be able to foil his nefarious schemes? Or will Cobra Commander maniacally laugh his way to the destruction of all things good?You will like this movie if and only … [Read more...]

The Cat’s in the Cradle and John McClane’s in Russia: A Good Day to Die Hard

Review of A Good Day to Die Hard, Directed by John MooreBy ALEXIS NEALWhere does our favorite modern-day cowboy go on vacation to get away from it all? Why, Mother Russia, of course, to track down his missing son—an apparent ne’er do well who’s been incarcerated (in Russia) for unknown reasons. McClane quickly discovers that his son Jack, far from being a shiftless punk criminal, is in fact a real live spy (albeit not a terribly bright one). Of course, by the time McClane makes this impor … [Read more...]

Looper, another view

Review of Looper, Directed by Rian JohnsonBy COYLE NEALIf you’ve seen Timecop, The Butterfly Effect, or any of the Terminator or Back to the Future films, you’ll have a rough idea of the premise behind Looper. In this particular spin on the time travel tale, the mob sends people it needs “disappeared” into the past, where they are executed and disposed of by “Loopers.” When the mob decides to retire a Looper, they “close the loop” by sending the Looper himself through as an older man to b … [Read more...]


Review of Looper, Directed by Rian JohnsonBy ALEXIS NEALIt’s 2042, thirty years before time travel is finally invented (or do I mean discovered?) and immediately outlawed. But as with most illegal technologies, prohibition does not equal eradication, and the crooks of the future still make use of time travel—most notably in the disposal of individuals who’ve overstayed their welcome. But rather than commit murder on their own time-soil, they ship the live targets back in time to parti … [Read more...]

The Rocks Cry Out: Finding the Gospel in (Very) Unexpected Places

Review of Die Hard, Directed by John McTiernanBy ALEXIS NEALOnce upon a time, a man and a woman were married.  Then one day, the woman left her husband.  She moved far away and started a new life without him.  She even abandoned his name.Then this woman was captured by evil men who threatened to harm her.  Despite everything, the man still loved his estranged wife, so he risked everything to save her from the evil men who had taken her freedom and planned to take her life.  The man was woun … [Read more...]