Trueman on Luther on the Christian Life

Review of Luther on the Christian Life by Carl TruemanIf you're the sort of person who knows anything about Carl Trueman, you probably picture him as an aging crank sitting on his porch smoking a pipe, sipping a glass of scotch, and complaining about the ways modern evangelicalism has gone off the rails. Not only is this picture accurate, but it explains why Trueman is the perfect person to write the Martin Luther installment of Crossway's "theologians on the Christian life" series.In … [Read more...]

Republocrat: The Pitfalls of American Politics

Review of Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative by Carl TruemanImagine that an evangelical Brit decides to make running commentary on American politics--what would he say? Add to that the fact that this particular Brit has lived in the United States for almost two decades; then add the dash of cheekiness that we have come to expect of such fellows from across the pond. That’s what we get from Carl Trueman in Republocrat--a book that has something in it to offend all brands of e … [Read more...]