Jack Ryan, God, and the Cold War

Jack Ryan: The Shadow Recruit, directed by Kenneth Branaghby Jeff GenotaIt's a cold January evening in Washington. I step into the breeze atop the Georgetown hill. Looking upwards, one can see the Russian tricolor and its storied embassy in the backdrop. Downhill, the towering Washington monument keeps me in place. I feel that lurking around me the Cold War was still raging, or at least my body warring against the cold with my tan overcoat. I look over my shoulder, left and right; to … [Read more...]

Star Trek Into Terror

Review of Star Trek Into Darkness, Directed by J.J. AbramsStar Trek Into Darkness is a thrilling, fun, loud, dazzling movie--a perfect summer popcorn flick.  It is also much more fun if you know absolutely nothing about it before you go.  I have no intention of spoiling that fun for you, which makes it difficult to write anything interesting about it.First, let me lay my cards on the table:  I’m a Trekkie.  I sat on the carpet at my dad’s feet and watched reruns of the original series with hi … [Read more...]

Top Train

A review of Unstoppable, Directed by Tony ScottBy Paul D. MillerTony Scott is famous for having made Top Gun (1986), one of the definitive action movies of the 1980s and coolest expressions of American nationalism on film, and for being the brother of Ridley Scott.  Sadly, Tony was in the headlines this summer because he committed suicide.  His final film, it turned out, was Unstoppable (2010).Tony Scott’s filmography does not boast the same monuments of modern cinema as his bro … [Read more...]