Rogue Nation set to reinvigorate the Mission: Impossible franchise

Review of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Directed by Christopher McQuarrieThe Mission: Impossible franchise has made it to its fifth installment. The IMF is disbanded and assimilated into the CIA, leaving Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) on his own as he tries to dismantle the Syndicate—a transnational terrorist organization intent on beating the IMF at its own game, but for the bad guys. Curveball after curveball, mysterious twist after mysterious twist, and yet Ethan finds a way to survive, b … [Read more...]

Reaching for Justice

Review of Jack Reacher, Directed by Christopher McQuarrieBy COYLE NEALTom Cruise’s latest movie is both unfortunately and fortunately timed. It is unfortunately timed because of how it opens—with a sniper randomly shooting people in Pittsburgh. Suspect James Barr is quickly caught, and before being put in a coma by a brutal prison beating, he tells the authorities to “get Jack Reacher.” Jack Reacher  (Tom Cruise) promptly shows up, punches everyone in Pittsburgh, delivers a slew of one-li … [Read more...]