Who can say no to a sappy singalong?

Review of Jersey Boys, Directed and Produced by Clint EastwoodWho doesn’t like musicals? Only curmudgeons. And you’d have to be pretty curmudgeonly not to like Jersey Boys, with its rags-to-riches storyline and its feel-good, doo-wopping songs. Heck, it’s hard not to sing along. Clint Eastwood brings this Broadway-Hollywood hybrid to the silver screen, and he does a good—if not spectacularly original—job of telling the story of the rise and demise of Franki Valli and the Four Seasons.The … [Read more...]

Hereafter Without Christianity

Review of Hereafter, Directed by Clint EastwoodReview by KENDRICK KUOThe very name and premise of Hereafter promise viewers an exploration of the afterlife. Stylistically and in substance, the film fails to do the topic any justice. Hereafter follows three lives—a young boy in Britain who loses his twin brother, a French journalist that "dies" during the tsunami in Indonesia, but is resuscitated, and an American man who is able to communicate with the dead. Sounds like the makings of a d … [Read more...]