The Disappointment of Winter’s Tale

Winter's Tale, directed by Akiva GoldsmanBy Elizabeth WhyteWhenever any movie studio announces they are going to adapt a 700-page novel for the silver screen, every good book lover groans. And when the 700-page novel is on a book lover’s list of favorites, that book lover sheds a little tear, then hopes against all odds that the movie studio will somehow do literature justice.With Winter’s Tale, my hopes suffered a violent, messy death.Hear me out. I am not one of those bibl … [Read more...]

Review of Total Recall by Someone who has seen the Original Version

Review of Total Recall, Directed by Len WisemanBy COYLE NEAL“But it irks me, Lord, to link that phase of my existence with my present life, the life I live now in this world; I do not remember passing through it, I have to rely on the reports of others concerning it…”[i]Augustine wrote those words thinking about his infancy, asking whether or not his identity is affected by a period in his life which he cannot remember. The two versions of the movie Total Recall, one released in 1990 and on … [Read more...]

Review of Total Recall

Review of Total Recall, Directed by Len WisemanBy ALEXIS NEALFactory worker Doug Quaid is dissatisfied with his lot. He lives in a miserable post-apocalyptic world that is sharply divided along economic lines.  What remains of humanity is crammed into two vastly overcrowded zones—the United Federation of Britain, home of the haves, and what is known as the Colony (modern day Australia), home of the have-nots.  Every day he takes ‘The Fall’ through the center of the earth to put in another day … [Read more...]