Maleficent Love

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The Lion King: Disney’s Almost Christian Tale

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Mary Poppins and Saving Mr. Banks: On Loving Imperfect Fathers

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Disney’s Frozen: A Warm Story

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Bambi: The Deer King

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Snow White Showing Her Age

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Beauty and the Beast: A Hymn to the Cult of Love

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Wreck It, But Be Nice to Your Sister

Review of Wreck-It Ralph, Directed by Rich Moore Confession:  I love video games.  When I was 2, my dad bought the Apple II computer.  Some of my earliest memories are playing stone-age video games together as a family.  I remember playing Cranston Manor.  This was a game only slightly more sophisticated than Pong. It was [Read More…]

Odd Parenting in a Crooked World

Review of The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Directed by Peter Hedges By KENDRICK KUO The odd life of Timothy Green is not the odd part, but rather how he is parented. Odd not in a bad way, but in the way it contrasts with the broad goals of worldly parenting. Cindy and Jim Green [Read More…]