Cirque du Soleil: A James Cameron Filmmaking Dictionary

Review of Cirque du Soleil, Directed by James CameronBy COYLE NEALJames Cameron’s Cirque du Soleil is a regular Pandora’s box of titanic proportions. It is a masterpiece of cinematic excellence and a film course all rolled into one. Merely watching this movie will teach you all about what makes a great film. As I walk through the plot (spoilers galore), I’ll share with you free of charge all the movie terms and definitions I picked up along the way.Every great movie requires tension o … [Read more...]

Terminator 2

Review of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Directed by James CameronBy ALEXIS NEAL It is the summer of 1995, eleven years after Kyle Reese made his fateful trip through time to save (and woo) Sarah Connor, thereby ensuring her survival and the eventual birth of hero and savior of mankind John Connor. But ten-year-old Connor is no hero yet—he spends his days shoplifting, playing video games, and generally disregarding his increasingly at-a-loss foster parents. Meanwhile, his mother Sarah la … [Read more...]