Spidey makes a welcome return to the big screen

Review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Directed by Marc WebbOn paper, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems like the last film we need right now. The reboot of the Spider-Man franchise two years ago already felt too-soon. Three villains make appearances, including one we’ve already seen interpreted on the big screen. And the world isn’t exactly suffering from a lack of superhero films right now. Yet in the face of all of that, director Marc Webb brings the beloved webslinger back with surprising pu … [Read more...]

CAST INTERVIEW: The new Spider-Man digs deeper

It’s easy to feel like you could have been Peter Parker.“He has all of the same problems that we all have – girl problems, money problems,” says Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter and Spiderman in the second installment of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. “But when he puts on the suit, it’s a massive release. He can breathe. Spider-Man always knows the right thing to do – he’s a vessel for good, heroic energy, and saving people.”This selfless instinct makes Peter a praiseworthy hero, yet t … [Read more...]

Django Discusses Race

Review of Django Unchained, Directed by Quentin TarantinoBy KENDRICK KUODjango Unchained is everything you would expect from a Tarantino film. Much in the same vein as Inglorious Basterds, this story is a historical one. Instead of Nazi Germany, it is set in the antebellum South. If you liked Inglorious Basterds, I would reckon you will enjoy Django Unchained—if you can stomach the gore that underlines the brutal world of slavery.Naturally, any film depicting race relations in the U … [Read more...]