The Host: A Pro-Life Invasion of the Body-Snatchers

Review of The Host, Directed by Andrew NiccolBy Jennilee MillerThe Host opens with different snapshots from around the globe, panning out on different faces, distinctly human but with striking eyes encircled with a silver rim around the pupils:  beautiful and kind of creepy all at the same time.  A voiceover tells us that this is the future, humanity is all but extinct, and another species has taken over earth.  This other species, alien “Souls,” take over the human bodies to control thei … [Read more...]

Twilight: Sucking the Blood out of Sin

A Review of the Twilight franchise by Stephenie MeyerBy JENNILEE MILLERI think the term typically used to describe someone like me is “Twi-Mom.” Yes: I am a mom who loves the Twilight franchise. Of course, I think the term originally referred to a mom who picked up her daughter’s glossy paperbacks with the shiny red apple on the cover and somehow got hooked on the impossible love story of Bella and Edward. I got hooked before I had kids, but as the final installment of the movie appro … [Read more...]