John Owen for the Modern World

Review of Owen on the Christian Life, by Matthew Barrett and Michael HaykinJohn Owen was a terrible writer. Don't get me wrong: I suspect he is the greatest of the Reformed theologians (so far, at any rate). In part, this is due to his habit of engaging his theological opponents by taking on their strongest arguments, rather than by setting up straw men and then declaring victory by easily knocking them over. Likewise, he is absolutely unhurried in dealing with theological matters. Owen is … [Read more...]

How to Murder Sin

Review of The Mortification of Sin by John OwenThis is one of the most challenging books I have ever read. Every Christian would benefit from reading this book: no one would profit from skimming it. Read this book, but do so slowly. Turn the page only after the previous one has worked its way into your soul. You will otherwise gain only a superficial intellectual familiarity with Owen’s argument and callous your soul to the challenge and reward of God’s work in your life.The nature of tha … [Read more...]