Looper, another view

Review of Looper, Directed by Rian JohnsonBy COYLE NEALIf you’ve seen Timecop, The Butterfly Effect, or any of the Terminator or Back to the Future films, you’ll have a rough idea of the premise behind Looper. In this particular spin on the time travel tale, the mob sends people it needs “disappeared” into the past, where they are executed and disposed of by “Loopers.” When the mob decides to retire a Looper, they “close the loop” by sending the Looper himself through as an older man to b … [Read more...]


Review of Looper, Directed by Rian JohnsonBy ALEXIS NEALIt’s 2042, thirty years before time travel is finally invented (or do I mean discovered?) and immediately outlawed. But as with most illegal technologies, prohibition does not equal eradication, and the crooks of the future still make use of time travel—most notably in the disposal of individuals who’ve overstayed their welcome. But rather than commit murder on their own time-soil, they ship the live targets back in time to parti … [Read more...]