Searching for Sugar Man: Vindication is Sweet

Review of Searching for Sugar Man, Directed by Malik BendjelloulEven after winning the Academy Award for Documentary last year, Searching for Sugar Man remains an obscure film with a niche following. The movie’s journey parallels that of its main character, Sixto Rodriguez. As a 1970s artist, Rodriguez came out with a couple of albums, only to disappear into obscurity. But unbeknownst to him or the music industry in the United States, Rodriguez’s music inundated the South African music sc … [Read more...]

Searching for Sugar Man: An Artist’s Resurrection and Rebirth

Review of Searching for Sugar Man, directed by Malik BendjelloulBy CHRISTIAN HAMAKERThis September, a singer from Detroit performed “a charming and awesomely odd show”—his first in the Washington, D.C., area in many years. It was a wonder he attracted a paying audience, given his relative obscurity and advancing years, and the fact that, even in his heyday, he never had much of a U.S. following. But the performer, Sixto Rodriguez, has been recently rediscovered in America thanks to Se … [Read more...]