I am what I am, is that all that I am?

Review of Who Do You Think You Are? By Mark DriscollBy COYLE NEALMark Driscoll may not know it (or heck, maybe he does), but when he wrote a book about searching for personal identity he stepped directly into one of the fundamental philosophical questions of the 20th century: who am I? When philosophers pitch this question, “identity” is usually paired with some form of the word “authenticity.” The idea is that we should be searching for our identity not as society or culture has shaped i … [Read more...]

Real Marriage

Review of Real Marriage by Mark and Grace DriscollBy COYLE NEALFirst, the basics: this is a book about marriage. Real Marriage, not that fake stuff you see on TV. And, apparently, not that fake stuff you read about in most Christian books either. At least, so the back of the book claims. "This is not", we are assured in letters that are both bold and italicized, "one of those books" that "assume the author did it right", "barely mention friendship", or "use 'intimacy' as code for 'sex.'" … [Read more...]