Interstellar rages against the dying of the light

Review of Interstellar, Directed by Christopher NolanIn true Christopher Nolan fashion, Interstellar delivers a story unlike anything we have ever heard. It follows certain cinematic tropes, of course, finding a comfortable place in the sci-fi genre, but even after last year’s outer-space hit Gravity, and even given the cultural prevalence of Star Wars and Star Trek, Interstellar charts its own course. It is the closest thing our generation will have to a 2001: A Space Odyssey.The film a … [Read more...]

Dallas Buyers Club

Review of Dallas Buyers Club, Directed by Jean-Marc ValleeBy ELIZABETH WHYTEBefore you see Dallas Buyers Club, rid yourself of any ideas of Matthew McConaughey you may have picked up from his repertoire of stupid romantic comedies, Matt Damon’s impersonation of him, or his receipt of the dubious designation “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine in 2005. Otherwise you will, as I did, waste too much of the movie thinking: “I can’t believe Matthew McConaughey is that skinny!” He lost 40 pou … [Read more...]