Touch of Depravity

Review of Touch of Evil, Directed by Orson WellesOrson Welles started strong. His first movie, Citizen Kane (1941; reviewed here) is sometimes hailed as the greatest movie ever made. Welles, only twenty-six years old when Kane was released, could have enjoyed four or five decades of productive work in Hollywood, akin to the careers of John Ford, Howard Hawks, or Steven Spielberg. Instead, Welles did a handful of documentaries and TV movies accompanied by fewer than a dozen full-length, … [Read more...]

Christ on Kane: On the Meaning of Rosebud

Review of Citizen Kane, Directed by Orson WellesTo write about Citizen Kane is to invite scorn for one’s ignorance and presumption.  How can anything new be written about this film?  How can I presume to have something to say?  Don’t you know this is the greatest film ever made?According to the American Film Institute, it is indeed the greatest.  And it was the greatest on the British Film Institute’s decennial poll for 50 years, until unseated last year by Hitchcock’s Vertigo.  It stands … [Read more...]