Stoker and the Shadow of Alfred Hitchcock

A Review of Stoker, Directed by Park Chan-wook“Shadow of a Doubt” seems a particularly American film, although it is part of a tradition that starts with Dante, culminates with Dostoevsky (whom Hitchcock has called a “master”) and includes in it as well the best writings of Henry James and Graham Greene. … But the clearest parallel lies with that authentically American Puritan view of man and his world as flawed, weak and susceptible to corruption and madness. … It stands opposed to a heady ide … [Read more...]

Stoker’s Identity and Inheritance

Review of Stoker, Directed by Park Chan-wook(WARNING: This review contains mature content of a sexual nature. Reader discretion advised. Spoilers are also included.)How much of our lives is determined by our heritage? What does it mean to be an adult? These kinds of questions form the undercurrent in Stoker, the newest film by South Korean director Park Chan-wook. Park leaves us with a paradoxical answer: we cannot escape the sins of our family yet the essence of being an adult is … [Read more...]