At Any Price: A Study in Discontentment

Review of At Any Price, Directed by Ramin BahraniProfoundly American and profoundly disturbing, At Any Price, the newest release by acclaimed director Ramin Bahrani (Goodbye Solo, Chop Shop), strikes at the heart of our enterprise and reveals the broken souls drifting along this cycle of greed. The Whipple family is steeped in Iowa’s agriculture business, which must “expand or die.” In one sense, the Whipples and their neighboring farmers are required to play this game of economies of scale, … [Read more...]

At Any Price: Interview with Dennis Quaid and Ramin Bahrani

At Any Price tells the fictional, but oh so real story of the Whipple family, caught up in the Darwinian struggle to survive in the modern agriculture business, which thrives under the banner “expand or die”. We watch as this attitude of never having enough seeps from the corporate level down to the individual lives of farmers and their children. My review of this film will come out tomorrow. In the meantime, we thought our readers would enjoy a special interview to whet their appetites.I had t … [Read more...]