Percy Jackson and the Savage Critics

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, directed by Thor FreudenthalPercy Jackson perfectly illustrates the problem with movie critics.  The movie is entirely average.   Movie critics, having watched thousands of average movies, are bored by them, and thus treat them with special disdain.  Percy Jackson currently stands at 33 percent on  That’s unfair.  The movie is mostly entertaining, boasts fancy effects and a few thrilling sequences, and—this is important—is entirely in … [Read more...]

Percy Jackson and the Absent Father

Review of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordanby PAUL D. MILLERThe Lightning Thief (2005) is a perfectly serviceable young adult fantasy novel. It is the sort of book you read without much concentration for a few hours’ or days’ pleasant diversion, one that makes few demands of you. As brain candy, I quite liked it because it was blissfully free of the sort of weighty distractions that seem obligatory to the genre. It has less violence than The Hunger Game … [Read more...]