Exodus: God versus Man

Review of Exodus: Gods and Kings, Directed by Ridley ScottAs with other Old Testament epics making its way to the big screen (think Darren Aronofsky’s Noah), we should not expect much from Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings in way of biblical accuracy. My rule of thumb is to take it for what it is and hope for the best that biblical themes are present.Overall, Scott’s take on the story of the exodus hits all the major plot points in the biblical narrative, with the expected crowd … [Read more...]

Blade Runner’s Vision of Hell

Blade Runner: The Final Cut, directed by Ridley ScottWhat is hell like? The Bible gives us images of unquenchable fire and a smoke that goes up forever. But C.S. Lewis opted for a different metaphor in The Great Divorce: a drab town where it is always dark and mostly empty. Hell, in Lewis’ depiction, is a failed city: a place of crowded loneliness and frustrated aspirations.I thought of Lewis’ hell as I rewatched Ridley Scott’s 1981 dystopian masterpiece, Blade Runner. The film takes plac … [Read more...]