Dead Poets Society: The call of a modern classic

Review of Dead Poets Society, Directed by Peter Weir It has been my growing conviction of late that high school English is a waste of time at best and destructive to the human spirit at worst. These classes foist brilliant literature on kids before they’ve grown mature enough to enjoy it, and as a result it turns them off to the joys of great writing for the rest of their lives.Sometimes, however, there are exceptions. Dead Poets Society shows us English as it’s meant to be. It’s the Engl … [Read more...]

Robin Williams, Biblical Counselor: Good Will Hunting

Review of Good Will Hunting, Directed by Gus Van SantBy PAUL D. MILLERWill Hunting is preternaturally brilliant, but has a troubled soul. His friends--Chucky, Morgan, and Billy, from Boston’s rough South Side--work menial jobs and pass the time drinking and cursing. Will, while working as a janitor at MIT, stumbles across an impossible math challenge by a legendary professor and he solves it without hesitation. The professor hunts him down to become his mathematical mentor but finds Will … [Read more...]