When Religion Goes Bad, Turn to Paul

Review of Bad Religion by Ross DouthatBy CHRISTIAN HAMAKERYes, that’s the Apostle Paul referred to in the title. I can already hear the objections. “No! When religion goes ‘bad,’ turn to Jesus!” “Turn to God!” or even “Turn to the Bible!”There’s nothing wrong with any of those approaches, except that none of them addresses the problems laid out in Ross Douthat’s recent book, Bad Religion: the paradigm shift that has sent the Christian church into a “bad” period. Douthat builds the … [Read more...]

The Battle for America’s Soul in American Gods

Review of American Gods by Neil GaimanBy JULIA POLESENeil Gaiman’s American Gods hit all the right buttons. Gaiman himself described it as an “American phantasmagoria,” an extraordinarily apt descriptor (See the interview with Gaiman in the 10th anniversary edition). It’s a fantasy novel with deep philosophical underpinnings, a healthy dollop of whimsy, and a satisfying amount of Americana. The book follows Shadow, an ex-con who is let out of prison early for good behavior upon the ev … [Read more...]