This Week on Sleepy Hollow: It’s the End of the World as We Know It!

Review of Sleepy Hollow Season Finale (Episodes 12 & 13)The Apocalypse is one step nearer as Moloch prepares to break the second seal and release the Second Horseman upon humanity. Only a secret message hidden in the pages of George Washington's Bible (written by Zombie George Washington himself!), combined with magic sin-filled prayer beads and the ancient Masonic art of finding hidden tombs, can reveal the map to Purgatory. With the map, Ichabod and Abbie can free Ichabod's trapped … [Read more...]

How to Survive the End of the World According to Sleepy Hollow

Review of Sleepy Hollow Episode 11George Washington's Bible is the key to victory over the forces of evil.And if that isn't the set up to a great blog post on religion and American culture, I don't know what is! (Alas, that's not what I'm going to write about; I just thought I should point out what a good post it would have been.)This week on Sleepy Hollow, a demon has been sent to capture the Washington Bible so that Moloch can harvest its secrets and bring about the Apocalypse. The … [Read more...]

This Week on Sleepy Hollow: Family Matters

Review of Sleepy Hollow, Episode 10Did Ichabod Crane have a son? If so, why did his wife Katrina keep it secret? Can Denethor help him answer these questions? Will Ichabod survive the trip to Purgatory (or Limbo, I forget which) to confront his wife and ask for answers? And that's just the first five minutes of the episode!This week's 'Christmas' episode was, appropriately enough, all about families. Ichabod's family, Orlando Jones's family, Abbie Mills's family, and even the Sin Eater's … [Read more...]

Sacred and Profane Places in Sleepy Hollow

Review of Sleepy Hollow Episode 9So far, it would be easier to list the things we haven't seen in Sleepy Hollow than the things we have. What more could they possibly add to the 9th episode of this crazy show? A lot, it turns out. This week we see Ichabod wearing his cranky pants because he can't spend time with his wife (what with her being caught in Purgatory and all) while everyone else enjoys the holidays. Fortunately, we all get treated to a trip down memory lane as Ichabod and Abbie … [Read more...]

Truth and History in Sleepy Hollow—Who needs it?

Review of Sleepy Hollow Episode 8This week on Sleepy Hollow: Can Ichabod Crane get the Headless Horseman to spill all the important Apocalyptic beans? ("I don't think he's gonna talk"—Orlando Jones.) Will Harold be any help in the process? Will Ichabod's past romantic rivalry with "Abraham" over Katrina have future consequences? Can Orlando Jones and Abbie's sister keep from killing each other? Will the stolen 16th century Druidic artifact from Thrace be able to help the Hessians free the H … [Read more...]

This Week on Sleepy Hollow: Loneliness, the Local Church, & Beheadings Galore

Review of Sleepy Hollow, Episode 7 In case you were wondering, being a Mason won't protect you through the Apocalypse. You'll get your head chopped off just like the next person. And so will everyone else who stands between the Headless Horseman and his skull, which he needs for some reason in order to bring the other three horsemen and begin the end of the world. Will Abbie and Ichabod be able to stop the Horseman on his decapitory ride through town? Will they come up with a plan to keep … [Read more...]

This Week on Sleepy Hollow: Forgiveness, Freemasons, and Quaker Witches

Review of Sleepy Hollow, Episode 6[Spoiler alerts.] After a break for some reason or other (the Superbowl I think?), Sleepy Hollow is back and just as ridiculous as ever. This week, Ichabod Crane learns about baseball and our inherent right to shout at the ump ("I thought only horses slept standing up!?!"), and then gets kidnapped by Freemasons. In order to find him, Abbie has to work with her crazy sister to find the "sin eater", the one person who can use supernatural means to reveal … [Read more...]

This Week on Sleepy Hollow: Plague, pestilence, and magical healing power of baptism.

Review of Sleepy Hollow, Episode 5Fair warning: if you're a student of history or literature, watching Sleepy Hollow every week will make blood shoot out your eyes. (Fortunately, I am a political scientist and as such immune to the abuse of knowledge—I even occasionally actively encourage it.) This week, we learn that the colony of Roanoke, which mysteriously disappeared in 1590, was actually led to safety by the ghost of Virginia Dare (the first child born to English colonists). Safety from … [Read more...]

This week on Sleepy Hollow: Demons, Germans, and Tin-Foil Hats

Review of Sleepy Hollow, Episode 4Sleepy Hollow continues to be both entertaining AND educational. This week, we learn that Boston Tea Party was actually a diversion planned by Ichabod Crane so that he could sneak aboard a British ship and steal one of their secret weapons: a grimoire known as the Lesser Key of Solomon. (Presumably not the one published by the charlatan Alisteir Crowley in the early 20th century.) This foul tome possesses the power to open a portal to some sort of hell … [Read more...]

Confession is Good for the Soul

Review of Fox's Sleepy Hollow, Episode 3, "For the Triumph of Evil"Week three of Sleepy Hollow, and the apocalypse is still upon us. Maybe we can blame the government shutdown for how long it's taking to stop the end of the world? This week, a demon known as "Rokaronti" (also known in better fiction as the "Sandman") has been loosed on Sleepy Hollow and is systematically eliminating those who had a hand in covering up the dark secrets of the past. This particular villain strikes while the … [Read more...]