Side Effects

Review of Side Effects, Directed by Steven SoderberghBy KENDRICK KUORating: 7/10Side Effects has generated a lot of buzz, partly because the director, Steve Soderbergh, has kept his lips sealed about what the movie is about, besides of course that it’s a pharmaceutical thriller; and pre-release viewers have also shown respect in not revealing the plot twists. The buzz is also due to the fact that this may be Soderbergh’s last film for a while (Liberace being released on HBO and not in the … [Read more...]

Where is Dad?

Review of King on the Hill, Directed by  Steven SoderberghBy CHRISTIAN HAMAKERRecently, director Steven Soderbergh announced his intention to retire from filmmaking. The auteur burst onto the scene with Sex, Lies and Videotape at the Cannes Film Festival in 1989, and quickly followed that success with Kafka, which was considered a failure. Soderbergh dabbled in other small, personal films before deciding to take on bigger, commercial projects like Traffic and the Oceans series. The success … [Read more...]