Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience Condenses All of Time to 44 Minutes

Review of Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience, Directed by Terrence MalickThe Terrence Malick surge continues. This blog has covered the filmmaker’s Knight of Cups from earlier this year and, even more recently, The Vessel, which he executive produced. The sudden burst of output from a filmmaker who took off 20 years between his second and third features has more than satisfied audiences hungry for his sincere grappling with nature, desire and the state of the human soul.The arrival of M … [Read more...]

The Vessel Proves See-Worthy

Review of The Vessel, Directed by Julio QuintanaWhen the BBC earlier this year polled 177 film critics around the globe to determine the best films of the 21st century, director Terrence Malick’s name appeared more than once. Of the four films Malick has released since 2000 (a fifth, Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey, just played at this year’s Toronto Film Festival and will release later this year in North America), two of them appeared on the BBC list: The Tree of Life landed highest, at #7, whi … [Read more...]

With ‘Knight of Cups,’ Have We Already Seen the Best Film of 2016?

Review of Knight of Cups, Directed by Terrence Malick“I think [Christian Bale is] really playing Everyman. We all get lost. …[Director Terrence Malick has] always found importance in people that are suffering, and I think that’s part of the spiritual side of him. I think this film is very spiritual.”—Jack Fisk, Production Designer, Knight of Cups, in conversation with Michael Sragow for Film Comment“I sinned and perverted what was right, and it was not repaid to me. He has redeemed my soul … [Read more...]

To the Wonder Leaves Us Wondering

Review of To the Wonder, Directed by Terrence MalickTerrence Malick’s most recent film vindicates those of us who have disliked his films for many years. As someone who fails to “appreciate” Malick’s work, I have always felt slightly guilty for my apathy towards his films, as if I simply didn’t truly understand the gravity of his movies. But To the Wonder demonstrates a new level of pretension that will turn even some of his fans away, such as our own Christian Hamaker in his review. … [Read more...]

Terrence Malick’s To the Wonder: A Stunted Scriptural Meditation on Marriage and Ministry

Review of To the Wonder, Directed by Terrence MalickTerrence Malick, the reclusive filmmaker of Badlands, Days of Heaven, and The Thin Red Line, has turned to more explicit religious themes in his most recent films. The Tree of Life, Malick’s 2011 epic, included a long creation sequence and a mystical moment of reunion with deceased loved ones as the film’s protagonist walked along a shoreline. Tree also further developed Malick’s use of voiceover—whispered prayers and inner musings set to lush … [Read more...]