On Raising IQ

Sharing an article I found by Nick Broadhurst who writes for Helium.

I recall that when I was studying at university many years ago that it was stated as a norm that IQ could not be raised. I always wondered why this was such a cast-in-stone truism.

I figured that you could make a person stupid, so why could you not reverse that somehow?

Later I got involved in Scientology. I quickly found IQ could be reversed and go up. You the reader do not have to believe me. You can test it for yourself if you want.

Firstly there was the detoxification system known as the Purification Rundown. That rid your body of toxins. It made sense. If you drink a lot you get pretty stupid. If you took drugs you became dumb. So, if you got rid of the toxins from drugs and such, you should get brighter. I did the program and my measured IQ went up by ten points. Yes, I found it notably easier to solve problems in life. I then trained to deliver the program. And yes, a raised IQ is an expected phenomena of all who do the program.

But the program that I felt was the best for raising IQ is now found on the Personal Efficiency Course.

Personal efficiency is being able to get something done with the least effort and least amount of resources. It is the subject the Personal Efficiency Course by the Church of Scientology.

The course was developed in Ireland, based on the book, Problems Of Work by L. Ron Hubbard. What the author found was that people were confused in many aspects in life. They did not know what life was, they had no idea of the fundamental laws of life. This in turn meant that they did not know how to work, not properly.

I give you this example. If you had no idea what a car was, how well do you think you would be able to race a car. Even with minimal instruction of – here is the pedal, here is the door, here is the key – how well would you drive? You would act pretty dumb around the car – right? But on the other hand if you were taught all about the purpose of the car, shown how gear boxes worked, studied the theory of motors, fuel injection, and exhaust extraction, and further studied road capability of cars, tire traction and so on, likely you could race and win a grand prix.

The Personal Efficiency Course is about that, but applied to life. In the example of the car, how many inexperienced drivers skid on a wet road, stall at the lights? If you knew all about life and what it was and how it worked, yes, you would be able to out-perform your dreams.

I have taught the precepts from this course to thousands and trained instructors who then delivered these precepts to over fifty thousand people in several countries. The results are interesting with uniformly raised IQs.

I tested seven thousand students in five countries where we delivered these precepts. We tested them before and after they received the course. I also tested another five hundred students before and after receiving no courses at all. Those who did not receive a course–their IQ test showed an improvement of 2.5 points on average. Due to consecutive testing IQ test scores can be expected to go up as a person learns to answer the test better or faster. But those who received the courses between their IQ tests –- their IQs went up an average of 11 points, showing it was the course which sent the IQ up.

I refer to this as a net gain of 8.5 points of IQ. We did the testing in five countries and the tests were uniform from Australia to Asia.  L. Ron Hubbard explains that the reasons for the IQ gain are that as people learn what makes life confusing, their confusion of life disappears, thus they perform better on an IQ test, and are able to solve unrelated problems much better. Note that what they learn in the Personal Efficiency Course has nothing at all to do with what they are tested on in an IQ test.

It used to be said that IQ could not be raised. That is simply not true. IQ can be raised. You just have to know how to do it.

To be able to solve problems better and faster is the aim of this course. Thus it is called the Personal Efficiency Course.

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