Andrew Banks keen to dive into another Shark Tank

An interesting story about Sydney Scientologist Andrew Banks: It's been several years since he quit Sydney to live the Beverly Hills dream, but self-made multi-millionaire turned freshly minted television celebrity Andrew Banks welcomes his new-found fame courtesy of Channel Ten's Shark Tank series, in which he plays one of the "sharks" with a fat cheque book to invest in promising businesses. "We don't have a home in Sydney anymore, the kids have married Americans so we have made our home … [Read more...]

My Family and My Life After Going Clear

Felicia is a Scientologist and mother of two from San Francisco.  She recently attained theState of Clear and wanted to share some of the unexpected ways this changed her life.You recently completed some major Scientology counseling services. How would you say this has affected you as a parent? Throughout the course of my auditing I was aware that I was gaining more and more control of my mind and my life. Problems, conflicts with others, unchanging patterns, negative thoughts, fears and anx … [Read more...]

The Cosmic Perspective

I was very impressed with the statement Neil DeGrasse Tyson gave The Daily Beast on his thoughts about Alex Gibney's "Going Clear" and embarrassed that I'd never heard of him before.So I went to his website and read one of his essays and was so impressed, I wanted to share it. He is the opposite of the ivory-tower-scientist -- he has engaged in life and his world view is one worth all of us embracing.Here is a video I would like to share where he is asked if he believes in … [Read more...]

Bridge Publications Earns its Seventh Consecutive Manufacturing Leadership Award

Bridge Publications earns a Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award for 2015 for its innovative technology to speed manufacture and delivery of the books and recorded lectures of L. Ron Hubbard to Scientology Churches and individuals.Bridge Publications has earned its seventh consecutive Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award, this year in the category “Supply Chain Leadership.”Now more than ever, manufacturers must accelerate and expand innovation and the delivery of customer value while … [Read more...]

Church of Scientology Congratulates Youth for Human Rights on 12th Annual World Educational Tour

Youth for Human Rights International launched its 12th annual tour February 28 with a Latin American Human Rights Summit in Mexico City. Youth for Human Rights World Tours have traveled 450,000 miles to promote the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In keeping with the motto of United Nations International Human Rights Day 2015, “Human Rights 365,” the Church of Scientology is proud to support Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) in its work to make every day a Human Ri … [Read more...]

Church Of Scientology Responds to Hbo’s ‘Going Clear’ with 5 Page Letter to The Hollywood Reporter

The Church of Scientology has responded to Alex Gibney’s documentary Going Clear in a letter to The Hollywood Reporter that is also featured in World Religion News … [Read more...]


“A person with many friends has achieved a great deal. My own life has been rich with friends in many, many lands. From the old Blackfoot Indian who told me stories in Montana when I was but a lad to the men I trained in the Second World War to those I worked with on the “Space Jazz” music album, these are the wealth of my life."Making a friend is an incredible contribution to not only yourself and your friend but to the entire world. Never sell it short."A MAN IS AS RICH AS HE HAS FRIEN … [Read more...]

Inside the Church of Scientology’s planned $6 million Perth headquarters

Perth Now published a great article with photos of the latest Scientology news from Australia:THE Church of Scientology plans to spend $6 million converting a Perth warehouse into its new WA headquarters.The church wants to relocate from Murray St in the CBD to a 200-person capacity HQ at the corner of Belmont Avenue and Cleaver Terrace in Rivervale. Plans include a chapel, cafe, public information centre, classrooms, film and chaplain rooms and bookstore/library, as well as parking … [Read more...]