Help Spread the Peaceful Future of Award-Winning Google Doodle

Kudos to Google for running their "Doodle for Google" competition and selecting one with such an upbeat message for the winner of the award. And congratulations to Sarah Harrison who designed the winning doodle, promoting inclusion and tolerance. I encourage people to spread this message along with the fundamental principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.As Google describes the contest: "Last year, we asked young artists across the US to create a doodle about what they see … [Read more...]

My Family and My Life After Going Clear

The Scientology Parent blog gives incite into what it is like to attain the state of Clear in an interview with Felcia, a mother of two, who describes the enormous difference going Clear has made in her life—her creativity, her aspirations, her relationship with her children.The state of Clear is described briefly in this video from the YouTube Scientology channel:While the full article is available on the Scientology Parents website the following excerpts will give you a good ideal o … [Read more...]

North America’s Largest Church of Scientology Premieres in the San Fernando Valley

Massive new Scientology Church sheds her ribbon to launch an epic season of expansion for the religion.Head north over the rise from Hollywood, cross Mulholland Drive, and behold a Valley dotted with swimming pools, lemon trees and stretching for all the eye to see. At 260 square miles, the San Fernando Valley is home to 1.8 million residents, the world’s most prominent movie studios and backdrops featured in American cinema from Casablanca to ET. It’s a paradox typical of society today: rig … [Read more...]

L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday Celebrated Around the World

To celebrate his March 13, 1911 birthday, each year Scientologists from sixty countries gather at the religion’s spiritual nexus in Clearwater, Florida in a weekend celebration of their founder’s life. This year, they acknowledged Mr. Hubbard’s seemingly endless accomplishments, and cast their eyes toward a limitless future, inspired by the life and works of L. Ron Hubbard.LRH, as his multitudinous followers know him, was a polymath—a person of wide-ranging knowledge and education. Beginning … [Read more...]

A Treasured Landmark Reborn—Scientology Opens New Church Atop Auckland

Auckland celebrates grand opening of new National Church of Scientology for New Zealand at landmark site overlooking the city.Spirituality. Heritage. Tradition. History. Education. Learning. These are pillars on which rests Scientology’s new Ideal Org of New Zealand, where Scientologists locally and from across the Pacific gathered with friends and supporters on Saturday, January 21, to inaugurate the rebirth of the second oldest Church of Scientology in the world.Overlooking the city a … [Read more...]

Intimate View Inside New Scientology Studio in Hollywood

The Expansion issue of Freedom Magazine, voice of the Church of Scientology, gives a glimpse inside the new Scientology Media Productions (SMP) in Hollywood, California. It quotes Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, on why the new facility was created and its importance.Now, with SMP in place, the Church is poised to reach everyone, everywhere, over the airwaves, the Internet and via publications. It’s t … [Read more...]

Church of Scientology – Our Help is Yours in 2017

The Church of Scientology has published a new video overview of a few the many global humanitarian and social betterment programs it sponsors or supports. Through some 1,500,000 volunteers worldwide, these programs unite and empower youth, educators, police, clergy, civic leaders and men, women and youth of goodwill.They address the social issues that pervade and degrade society: drug abuse and addiction, human rights violations, disasters, illiteracy, crime and immorality.The overriding … [Read more...]

Scientology Year in Review–Olympics: 5,500 Volunteers Against Drugs

The special edition Expansion issue of Freedom Magazine describes the coordinated effort behind the scenes resulting in a million Brazilians and visitors to the Rio Olympics learning the truth about drugs.The Truth About Drugs campaign—produced by the Church of Scientology-sponsored Foundation for a Drug-Free World—delivered gold-medal results by conveying the factual evils of illicit drugs to the people of a nation who consume 18 percent of the world’s cocaine. Marijuana and synthetic drugs … [Read more...]