Youth for Human Rights World Tour 2015

Just found this great video on Vimeo by the photographer/videographer for the Youth for Human Rights World Tour for 2015. Loved it. What do you think? … [Read more...]

Leave our kids alone

How many kids are being destroyed by psychiatric drugs as this one was? This kick-ass Detroit attorney was unwilling to let the system harm this innocent child. … [Read more...]

Scientology Superbowl Ad

Love this one. Thought I'd share it. … [Read more...]

A Simple Tip

If you run into something or someone you feel you can't handle, that upsets you or puts you down, try this simple tip: “Now how would you get out of a prison if you were in one? I’m afraid you’d just do it by confronting. Everybody to some slight degree is a prisoner. He is a prisoner only to that degree that he is unwilling to confront an area. An actual physical area. Or an actual area of truth. He’s a prisoner. “Man is having trouble with finance? Obviously, is unwilling to confront money. I … [Read more...]

Church of Scientology Moscow Celebrates 21 Years in Service to the Community

February 22, 2015 Church of Scientology of Moscow celebrated 21 years of service to Russian society. Registered as a religious association in 1994, the Church of Scientology of Moscow became the first Church of Scientology in Russia.The Church moved to its premises at Taganka Street in the heart of the city on March 7. 2011.The Church has continued to expand, and now serves more than a thousand parishioners each week.  … [Read more...]

Tribute to African American Women at Church of Scientology

Lizzie Kimbrough performed three theatrical presentations as a tribute to African American Women during Black History Month on Feb. 22nd at the Nashville Church of Scientology. Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) Kimbrough is behind the event “Ain’t I A Woman: A Tribute to African American Women” which took place Feb. 22nd at the Nashville Church of Scientology. The tribute celebrated the history and lives of African American women, including Sojourner Truth, Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni. K … [Read more...]

Human Rights Education

Do you believe education can make a difference when it comes to human rights? Here is a beautiful story of an African minister who does believe it can, and is working to make it happen. … [Read more...]

Modern Day Slavery–too alive and well and living in America

This month's issue of Freedom Magazine contains and interview with the president of FAIR Girls, a nonprofit established to help rescue victims of trafficking and to educate community and government organizations to raise awareness and halt these practices."SLAVERY IS NOT DEAD in America, says Andrea Powell, co-founder and executive director of FAIR Girls (Free, Aware, Inspired, Restored), a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that assists survivors of human trafficking through education and … [Read more...]