International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

26 June 2014International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit TraffickingIn support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) International Day Against Drugs, the Church of Scientology's Drug Free Ambassadors are coordinating the distribution of Truth About Drugs booklets around Auckland City, Taranaki and Rotorua.The purpose of the distribution is to raise awareness about the prevalence of drugs in our society and several community groups are taking part. These include … [Read more...]

Scientology Tools Applied to the Bike Racing World

Helping others in need is core to the Scientology religion. Read how a man found answers at the Church of Scientology to help him help others.Nashville, TN, June 26, 2014 --( At the Nashville Church of Scientology, it is routine to see parishioners arrive for spiritual counseling to help them in various areas of life—such as communication, how to resolve problems, how to resolve past upsets and so forth—but what isn’t always publicized are the incredible success stories which follo … [Read more...]

Harlem Native Sheds Light on Juneteenth at MLK Center Fundraiser

The Fort Harrison recently the fifth annual Harlem Nights event in recognition of Juneteenth, an event held in honor of the freeing of African American slaves following the Emancipation Proclamation. The 5th Annual Harlem Nights event was held in the Crystal Ballroom of the historic Fort Harrison located in downtown Clearwater in celebration of Juneteenth, an African American event started in Texas to memorialize the fact that two years after the Emancipation Proclamation the slaves there found … [Read more...]

South African Religions Working Together to End the Drug Epidemic

Drug education and prevention workshops at theChurch of Scientology of Johannesburg are providing religious leaders, businessmen and educators with tools they can use to help curb drug abuse.Representing many different denominations and creeds, all share a common belief—that tackling this deadly epidemic is of utmost urgency. They want answers. And that was what they receive.Church public affairs officer Shaleen Worhnitz introduces them to the Truth About Drugs, the drug education init … [Read more...]

International Day Against Drug-Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

June 26 is International Day Against Drug-Abuse and Illicit Trafficking and it is a time when peo-people from around the world stand up for making their communities drug-free. This is a taks Scientologists work out throughout the year and on this day as well.The Church of Scientology supports the largest nongovernmental drug prevention campaign and Scientologists are totally dedicated to helping youth avoid the plague of drug addiction.Here is the section of the Scientology website that … [Read more...]

Views of a Scientologist Parent

An interesting interview with a Scientologist appeared on World Religion News and bears sharing here:Hailley, a lifelong Scientologist, is a mother to two beautiful daughters, and makes her home in the Portland, Oregon area. Her answers to the students’ questions are as follows:Can you explain both how and why you became involved with the Church of Scientology?My parents were Scientologists. On the beaches of Oahu, my dad was handed a flier that read, “Do you want to be happy?” an … [Read more...]

Meet a Scientologist–Christoph Roth

The Church of Scientology published a “Meet a Scientologist” video on the YouTube Scientology video channel that highlights the life and work of Emmy Award-winning VFX producer Christoph Roth.As senior producer for an internationally renowned company that produces visual effects for feature films, television and commercials, “magic” is all in a day’s work for Roth.“We can create anything with the computer,” says Roth. “Dinosaurs, Dragons, space ships, ghosts, entire cities—whatever yo … [Read more...]

World Service Day

Here is UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's message for International Day of Service:"The annual observance of Public Service Day highlights the invaluable contributions of public servants and administrators in our efforts to build a better world for all."The Way to Happiness has a precept that expresses the need to support the men and women who serve our communities. Here is a video public service announcement on that precept: … [Read more...]