Danny Masterson on HBO’s “Going Clear”

Great article in Paper Magazine -- interview with Danny Masterson from Sundance on his thoughts on Scientology. by James Rickman / Photography by Eric Ray Davidson  Beck once told a New York magazine writer that Scientology is "always the last question journalists ask." And when Danny Masterson, actor, DJ, restaurateur and second-generation Scientologist, appeared on our cover six years ago, the topic of his beliefs was tucked into a single paragraph toward the end of the story. Reconnecting wit … [Read more...]


MUSIC’S BIGGEST NIGHT, THE GRAMMY AWARDS, WAS GOOD TO CHICK COREA AND BECK, WHO SURPRISED EVERYONE, INCLUDING KANYE WEST, WITH HIS ALBUM OF THE YEAR WIN. Sunday was a big night for musicians Beck and Chick Corea. Both are Scientologists who took home multiple Grammy Awards, with Beck winning the coveted Album of the Year. In addition to Album of the Year, Beck also won Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical and Best Rock Album, for his 2014 release Morning Phase, beating out The Black Keys and U2 … [Read more...]

Living a more ethical life

A personal success of a Scientologist worth sharing, posted on the Scientologists Facebook page:What a magnificent realization I've had this morning. Stay with me here, this may be a little difficult to follow but worth reading - I promise.Growing up I was very "spoiled" some would say with gifts and toys. This continued and became greater as time continued on, as the items became larger and more expensive. By the time I was 20, I had a few very nice cars purchased for me, and while I … [Read more...]

Scientology Ad During the Superbowl

During the big game, or in the time thereafter, you may have come across the Scientology: Age of Answers ad, or any of the various media that followed it.   I thought I would offer my perspective on what this means from a practical perspective, viewed through the lens of an average, everyday Scientologist parent like myself.First off, Scientology is an applied religion.  It’s a philosophy that’s meant to be put to use.  It’s not something that you just “decide you’re a Sciento … [Read more...]

30 Years of the IAS

In the past 30 years since the founding of the International Association of Scientologists, our religion has passed the trial of endurance and has moved into an age of accomplishment. Where we used to have to be concerned about defending our faith, we are now intent on reaching out with the legacy of technology of L. Ron Hubbard to bring people to new levels of spiritual awareness and ability and to create a better world.Most Scientologists volunteer their time on these outreach programs. W … [Read more...]

International Association of Scientologists

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Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville Displays Fine Art by Stephen Hackley

Artwork by Stephen Hackley will be on display at the Nashville Church of Scientology during November and early December. Nashville, TN, October 11, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville has a primary mission to support the artists in society. This includes musicians, photographers, fine artists, filmmakers—anyone creative, trying to produce something aesthetic. The reason behind this is simple: L. Ron Hubbard who founded Scientology said, “A culture is only as gr … [Read more...]

Church of Scientology wins ECHR spat against Russia

MOSCOW, October 2 (RAPSI) - European Court for Human Rights has ruled in favor of unregistered Church of Scientology, over the refusal of St. Petersburg authorities to officially recognize it as a legal entity, says the court ruling made public on Thursday.The ECHR upon reviewing the application, ruled in favor of Scientologists, awarding them 7,500 EUR as moral damages compensation.>> … [Read more...]