New “Meet a Scientologist” video added to YouTube and

The Church of Scientology published the latest "Meet a Scientologist" video July 4, 2014, on the Scientology Video Channel at, and the YouTube Scientology Video Channel—sculptor, photographer, and graphic artist Natalia Escallon of Bogotá, Colombia, shares her passion for her work. … [Read more...]

Artist Talks about the Influence of Scientology in her Life

Gracia Bennish is an artist and photographer and a longterm Scientologist, featured this week in the Houston Chronicle blog, in which she says:"I would say one would be very pleasantly surprised to experience the ability to vastly increase one’s perceptions. For myself, I have a far greater ability to sense, feel, and see things, especially important to an artist. It’s like looking at the world with a super wide-angle lens with the colors turned up vibrantly."Additionally, I would inc … [Read more...]