How to Recognize Intelligence

In the book Dianetics: the Original Thesis L. Ron Hubbard defines intelligence as: “the ability to perceive, pose and resolve problems.”That’s a different take on it, isn’t it?It’s not necessarily how fast you can read or memorize something, or your grades in school, or your ability to flaunt your vocabulary.  It’s how fast or well you can solve something.In your own life, who do you know that’s intelligent?Well, when you’re stumped, who do you go to for advice?  If his or her advice work … [Read more...]

What Scientologists Do

As a Minister of the Church of Scientology, I often field questions from ministers or pastors of other religions, asking, “What does Scientology believe in”?I usually answer that Scientologists are a mixed lot, and it’s hard to answer for them all.  But as for me, I believe that each person is an immortal spiritual being, and that we are basically good.  That we are all trying to survive, and that some of us are doing a better job of that than others.Then I usually tell them that the more imp … [Read more...]